Student Portal is now data free

From 1 July the Student Portal has been granted zero rated data, thanks to Johann Kruger, our IT guy, who negotiated this deal with MTN. But what does it mean? It means that it will cost no money to access any of the pages. Also, it means that clicking on any files and images uploaded to this site will incur no data costs, even if you download them. But, beware …

If you click on a link that takes you to a destination outside of this site, normal data costs will apply.

Good news on videos

We have good news: From 25 August we are able to upload videos to the portal, making them data free. We will indicate these clearly.

In some cases, however, videos on this site may simply be embedded – that means that it will show a picture in the frame, and you can click it to play, but the video actually sits elsewhere, usually on YouTube. If you have data, or if you are at the Hub, please watch these. But if you have limited data at home, rather give them a skip.

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