CLEP interns protected and dry, now ready for action

Great excitement as our students who have just completed the exam in the Higher Certificate in Criminal Law Enforcement programme (CLEP) are starting their internship with Cape Nature. The new interns will be divided into five groups, monitoring a 40km stretch of coast from Vermont to De Kelders. Protecting our marine resources is a priority of Cape Nature and the Hermanus Varsity Trust is proud to contribute to this common goal.

On Friday CLEP students were issued with their internship clothing – jacket, hat (a bit of squeeze to fit over some of the female students’ hairdos), t-shirts, mask – all beautifully branded with HVT logos. The students cannot be prouder, and HVT is equally pleased to have these worthy brand ambassadors who will represent our values in their new work environment.

One reply on “CLEP interns protected and dry, now ready for action”

Congratulations! A very very proud moment. You look so professional! Well deserved. Good luck for your professional careers, keeping the environment and people safe. Well done Kirsten! Your program is so well initiated and managed. Well done Cuan! Your internship program is inspirational forward looking. Thank you for working so hard through thick and thin

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