CLEP: Additional resources

Note: The list of resources below was supplied by Nelson Mandela University. The publications are simply listed with the emphasis on the title to pull you in! With the exception of one or two, they are not in the correct reference style. To learn how to properly reference these and other publications, go to the Reference Style Guide page, or ask your tutor.

FishFORCE (Fisheries Law Enforcement). 2017. Fisheries compliance strategy. Nelson Mandela University. (4 MB!)

Institutional publications

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Newspaper articles (Mobile friendly)

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3 Western Cape cops bust for allegedly stealing suspected abalone poacher’s stash

Articles and academic papers (PDF)

The more you read academic documents, the more you will learn about academic writing – how to structure logical arguments, present evidence, and persuade readers to your point of view.” CENLED (2020: 13 )

Media statement

Court cases