CLEP 3: Introduction to Criminal Investigation

A module of the Higher Certificate in Criminal Law Enforcement Programme

Face-to-face lectures: 29 Jun–3 July
Summative assessment: Friday 24 July, 9:30; Grobbelaar Hall

Learning material (zero data rated)

This is a PowerPoint show converted to PDF. Good phone display!

Learning outcomes

After completion of this module you will be able to

  1. Secure a crime scene
  2. Interview suspects and witnesses with a view of taking down statements
  3. Apply basic investigative techniques

Your textbook

Core contentChapter 5 will not be covered in the exam.

  • Identification
    • Zinn & Dintwe, p. 46
  • The Locard principle
    • Zinn and Dintwe, p. 45
    • Lochner, p. 1ff
  • Conduct at a crime scene
    • Zinn and Dintwe, p. 165
    • Lochner, p. 1ff
  • Interviewing
    • Zinn and Dintwe, pp. 237-238
  • Observation
    • Lochner, p. 31
  • Recruitment and handling of informers
    • Zinn and Dintwe, pp. 27-28

How to reference your textbook

Dintwe, S. & Zinn, R (Eds.) 2015. Forensic Investigation: Legislative Principles and Investigative Practice. Cape Town: Juta.