CLEP 2: Law Enforcement by Peace Officers (LEPO)

A module of the Higher Certificate in Criminal Law Enforcement Programme (CLEP)

CLEP 1 – Introduction to the Constitution and Bill of Rights
CLEP 2 – Law Enforcement by Peace Officers (LEPO) (this module) SCROLL DOWN FOR WORKBOOKS!
CLEP 3 –Introduction to Criminal Investigation
CLEP 4 – Taking of Statements
CLEP 5 – Enforcement of Marine and Coastal Legislation

Dear students, for this module, you will consult in the first place your print course notes. This document is supplemented by the HVT workbooks. You should have the workbooks in print format, but if you lost one, you can download it from here.

Centre for Law in Action. 2018. Law enforcement by peace officers (LEPO). Port Elizabeth: Nelson Mandela University. [Course notes].
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These workbooks will help you to understand the course material better. Plus: working through the exercises is fun!