CLEP 4: Taking of Statements

A module of the Higher Certificate in Criminal Law Enforcement Programme

Face-to-face lectures: 3-7 Aug, 8:30-16:00, Grobbelaar Hall
Summative assessment: 28 Aug


This module will prepare you to compile statements adhering to the requirements and standards set by the courts and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

Learning outcomes

After completion of this module you will be able to:

  1. Take accurate and detailed statements from witnesses and complainants.
  2. Write statements setting out the details of what they observed if a crime was committed in their presence.

Your textbook

Core content
  • Introduction
    • Lochner 1-9
  • Principles of a good statement
    • Lochner 84-87
      • Accuracy
      • Completeness
      • Conciseness
      • Objectivity
      • Comprehensibility
      • Honesty
  • Composition
    • Locher 87
  • Preamble
    • Lochner 94
  • Body of the statement
    • Lochner 98
  • Regulations governing the administration of an oath or affirmation
    • Lochner 100

How to reference your textbook

Lochner, H. 2014. Taking Effective Witness Statements. Cape Town: Juta.