Oral presentations: outline, rubric and links

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Did you know? By practising a skill that employers value, you have done yourself a huge favour. You are now also in a position to get honest feedback by HVT tutors to help you improve. Honest feedback is rare: cherish it!

The aim of this assignment is to put into practice some of the elements of communication that have been presented to you in the study guide. It may seem challenging at first, but the purpose of it is to develop skills that you will need not only in your career, but in every part of your life.

Prepare an oral presentation on any controversial aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Your presentation should be based on at least three articles – which can be found either on the Student Portal or in newspapers or your own internet searches. You will be required to submit a list of the references you used before starting your presentation.

On this page you can access no fewer than 15 carefully selected articles from The Daily Maverick, a reputable South African newspaper. These articles have been uploaded to this site and are therefore #datafree!

The presentation should be 4-6 minutes – no shorter or longer! There will be a bonus of five marks if you include a visual aid (graph/chart/photograph) that you talk your listeners through in your presentation.

Controversial = an issue that people have different opinions on; open to discussion

Read Study Unit 4: Oral Communication pp 66-76. Think about a topic and use the articles on the Student Portal to find a subject that interests you and that you think will be interesting to your audience of tutors and/or fellow students.
Select at least one of the articles that you are going to use as references. Plan and present the introduction to your tutor. This is the first exposure that your audience has to you and your topic so make sure that both you and your topic make a strong impression!
Plan and present the summary of your message. In this section, you will draw on your skills in identifying the most important points that you want to make in your presentation.
Plan and present the key ideas and facts of your presentation. This is the body of your presentation in which you explain the points you made in your summary. It is the longest section and the section in which you are in the greatest danger of losing the attention of your audience so keep it interesting and topical. This is also where you could include a visual aid of your choice. Remember that the purpose of a visual aid is to emphasize or highlight a point that you are making – it is not just there to earn you an extra five marks!
Plan and present the conclusion of your presentation. This is the final thought that you leave your audience with so it is really important that it is punchy!
On your device (camera, tablet, laptop or smart phone), record a video of 4-6 minutes of your presentation – no shorter, no longer. Here are Johann Kruger’s tips:
  1. Shoot horizontally – it immediately looks more professional.  It is the standard convention for shooting movies etc.
  2. Keep the camera still.  Not handheld if possible.
  3. Shoot at highest possible quality your phone will allow.  You can later on in processing decrease the quality and size of the file according to what you want to use it for. You can easily downgrade quality, but you cannot upgrade quality once you start with poor quality.  This is done in the phone’s settings.
  4. Silence! Try and shoot in a completely quiet location.  Sound editing is very technical and you need advanced knowledge to fix sound-problems.
If you have data, do a YouTube-search for videos on interview shooting (talking heads). Need help? Make an appointment with Johann Kruger (johannk@hermanusvarsity.co.za), or ask Justice Kwani for tips.
We are hoping to upload all students’ videos to the Student Portal so that they can be viewed data free. For this purpose, videos may not exceed 40 MB, and they must be in .mp4 format (which should be the default file type in any case). Please send your video to Anna Weideman in one of the following ways:
  1. Preferred option please: Send by email, if the file is not too big: anna@hermanusvarsity.co.za;
  2. Send by WhatsApp: 064 655 7199
Having trouble? Ask Justice Kwani or Johann Kruger to assist.

Reminder: Turn your camera horizontally when shooting a video

Thank you, students!