Vocabulary for “English for LED Practitioners”

Building a vocabulary or word bank

At the first workshop, we talked about how important it is to build up a vocabulary bank.

The words below are from your UJ course material and the HVT accompanying Workbooks.

When you read a new word, try to work out what it means from the way it is being used – in other words, from the context in which it is being used. It is much easier to understand a word when you see or hear it being used in context.

For that reason, imagine that you have been asked by the government to do research on the question:

Should Government make data available free of charge to registered students?’

The following words and examples are those that might be used to guide you in the writing of such a research report. You will see these words being used over and over again in Units 1 -7 and they will become easier to use and to understand.

Study Unit 1: Academic writing and reading
Study Unit 2: Formulate a research question
Study Unit 3: Conduct a literature review
Study Unit 4: Gather data
Study Unit 5: Develop an argument
Study Unit 6: Write, review, and edit a research report
Study Unit 7: Ethics in academic writing

We offer you two versions: one for your phone, and one you can print if you access to print facilities.

Phone friendly version (134 pages)

(1.4 MB)

Why is this version phone friendly? Well, we have used really big clean fonts and wide margins, so you can draw the text even bigger without the text going off screen.

Print version (63 pages)

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